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Close call story!

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I jumped on a Brig with 2 others randoms. One older man with a mic and another non mic player. The non mic player left, and playing with this older gentleman, I noticed he was not very seasoned.

I put down a quest for us to do, and we dug up some chests, thwarted some skeletons, sailed around having a good time. As we are docking at the Outpost to sell our treasure, I hear over the horn


Mind you it was in a perfect Elmo voice. Lol. But I look up and see a PL ship pull up, and three PLs board our ship. They hang out and chat with us as we are offloading our treasure, then offer us up an Athena! We take it and we split up, taking on two separate Athena quests at once. The new guy and I start taking out the Voyages little by little, when we suddenly had a very friendly PL join our crew who claimed Athena 10, and by the looks of his dress, he wasn't lying!

He helped us sweep up the rest of the Voyages with ease with the exception of of map with one chest that was extremely unfortunately placed and took us much longer than expected. As we are sailing to our last Voyage, we see our PL ship sell it's Legends chest. We start digging our last chests on this island while the new guy watches the boat. Just when we reach our last chest, the PL ship arrives and asks us our status on the Athena.

Immediately new guy was like "Oh yeah friends! We JUST got the final Voyage when you arrived and we are going to go dig it up now!"



We scold him about releasing that type of info out loud out of earshot of of PL Alliance members. We begin sailing to our location, and one on the PL boards our ship while the other two follow very close behind. Well. It's looking like we are going to get ripped off.

After discussing over messages with the PL on what to do, we pass the island with the chest and head straight to the outpost. Our alliance PLs start questioning why we aren't going to dig up the chest, asked to see our final Voyage map. My crew PL must have synced mentally because we immediately together pulled off one hell of a poker face.

He says something along the lines of "I don't think we have the final Voyage yet, I believe we still have an order of Souls! I'll check when I sell this captains chest! I open my Voyages and see the blessed Souls Voyage picked up by new guy in a message in a bottle. I flash that paper in their faces, and it's located CLEAR across the map.

They voice their displeasure with this and one of the PLs mentioned she wasn't happy that she didn't get credit for the chest they sold for some reason, and she wants the credit for ours. They sail off and we rush and do a drive by dig on the island before they noticed what we were doing.

We managed to get the check back and get full credit without getting ripped off, and still gave our alliance their cut!

Lucky day indeed!

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