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Comparison of skull fort server hoppers vs voyage/non server hoppers.. Player personality type.

Desktop 06.11.2017 1024x576 - Comparison of skull fort server hoppers vs voyage/non server hoppers.. Player personality type.

I've been enjoying this game since it came out when I bought my first xbox one. I've come across ALL sorts of types of players. I've fallen intomultiple categories myself. I've been friendly to pissy to trollish if I came across players who asked for it with their behavior. Recently though, ESPECIALLY since closed crews, I've been running into more and more server hoppers ONLY looking for skull forts. In LFG since the update, it is either hopping or meg. Since I've done the meg a few times and want to get back to the money and grind, I've been trying fort hopper groups for first times.

My first experience at the beginning of the week was great. Friendly crew, we all knew are stuff, and no one acted like a know it all as*hole. Every group since that one has been a bunch of ignorant people, often adults, who act like complete jack asses who think they are God's gift to this game.

Personally, and I'll get roasted here for this, I think fort hopping needs to be checked. Especially since its happening 4x faster and more often as before. The other thing that adds to this feeling is that majority of the time HOPPERS are the ones using glitches to help them, then acting one again like God's gift to the seas.


Your normal voyage crew or non server hoppers can also be infuriating. But I've found it not to be because of they have some false sense of an arrogant entitled mindset. One that stems from some false equivalency of x numberof miles sailed or forts done. I honestly don't know off hand like these id*ots the EXACT number of forts done. I do know that the majority of time I have as many as those that soley fort hop. A voyage crew seems to be generally more happy at playing the game and less toxic. The most toxic players I've met are skull fort hoppers. Once again, partially due to the magic pockets they use to cheat and THEN act like they are good. If you've ever been boarded and seen the guy run straight to your supplies instead of killing your crew, THAT'S THEM. No, stealimg every plank at once, DOESN'T make you a good player. It makes you a glitch using cheating POS. I've turned these people in when using this tactic on my team as well as against me. I ask the community to do the same.

Again, this stuff probably never would have bothered me and I wouldn't have realized how rampant it was, until I started fort hopping. Please figure out a way to limit this, as it is truly NOT how the game was designed to be played. Plus, hopefully out forces some of the more ignorant and trollish players out of the game, or at least, not to cheat.

I've made up my mind I'm here to help the normal and true community. The players who can be a bit to pirate"y" are a healthy part of the game. Those people make this game fun and what it is. Ignorant and entitled cheaters ruin this game and the community with their toxic nature. The best part is without those glitches, many skull fort hoppers actually suck at the game with ANY kind of extended battle. It's amazing how a shop can fight back when the opposing crew can't magically film their pockets with all your resources.

See you all on the seas. Play the game however floats your boat, just don't be a cheating toxic plague on our community.

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