Sea of Thieves

Concerning the Mega Cargo Run

Sea of Thieves 1 - Concerning the Mega Cargo Run

As Christmas draws near, the new gilded voyages are an excellent Christmas gift. 45 captains chests or 32 Villainous skulls or even 3 Athena chests…or a 50 piece cargo run? Now on the surface this seems like a bad idea. 17k gold compared to over 32k? A pitiful amount of rep? Horrible! Actually. If you look at the time, these are definitely worthwhile! I have done both a OOS voyage and a cargo run voyage. It took me nearly an hour to do the OOS voyage, but 10 minutes on the cargo run. Here's why: In the cargo run voyage, you get one place to get your 50 pieces of cargo from (usually the outpost you're at) to deliver to a relatively close place. The longest part is the loading up. The only concern is anything that might damage your ship a.k.a hostile creatures such as the Kraken or Megolodon or a rock that you're Captain is to oblivious to dodge. My Cargo run was the perfect one. Didn't have any issues and everything was perfect condition. This was extremely easy. In simple terms: -Takes 20 minutes max for a proficient crew – Got me from 44 and a 1/2 to 45 instantly. – Has no real risk -Gains you more rep than you'd expect -Easy 17k -From 1 island to 1 other. Not 8 separate islands.


Hope this helped! Tell me what your opinions of this quest are down below! Happy Pirating!

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