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Considering time in SoT mechanics.

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Ever heard "raise the sails so we can turn faster"? I started wondering if raising the sails actually helped with turning faster or if it only made you turn tighter so I tested it with a stopwatch. (It does both.) I timed a bunch of other stuff in the game too and thought I should share it for those that may find it useful:

All times below are in seconds.


  • respawn – 50


  • raise anchor – 30/15/10 (1/2/3 pirates)

  • drop anchor – 4.5

  • raise sail – 12

  • drop sail – 1.2

  • dropping all sails includes running – 9

  • swing sail from full left to full right – 17

  • 360° Turn sails up – 77

  • 360° Turn sails down – 110


  • raise anchor – 7.5

  • drop anchor – 4.5

  • raise sail – 7

  • drop sail – 1.2

  • swing sail from full left to full right – 7.5

  • 360° Turn sails up – 40

  • 360° Turn sails down – 59

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list of times. I would love if anyone would help fill in the gaps. I'm a big fan of maximizing efficiency. Its nice to know how fast an anchor turn is if I'm the only player left on board to do it. (About 40 seconds vs 55 for a sails-down 180°. So if the end of the turn arc is toward the boat I'm chasing, maybe I'm better off defending the ship and bailing water than dropping/raising anchor.) I'd also like to know if death time is affected by your PC/Xbox specs or if that's just a myth. So, if any Xbox user would kindly sacrifice themselves in the name of science, I would be most grateful.

EDIT 1 This is what I imagine when I see the down-votes happening on this post.

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