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With the upcoming new quest type that is coming with merchants I had a couple ideas for more ways to get that bread. After earning rep 50 in the og factions, you will unlock these factions. Each will cap at 10, and you can earn exclusive titles

-New Monster Hunter faction: After getting rep 50 in OoS, you will unlock these shady pirates send you on quests to defeat ancient sea evils. Instead of telling you an island, it will tell you coordinates on you map (ex. T26, G2). At that point, there will be a sea creature that you have to defeat (ex. killer spooky whale, giant crab, something spooky and kinda fun to fight idk). These will be ship battles and be watered down versions of the kraken and meg. On killing, they will drop some kind of body part or significant feature on the creature. They will vary in the type of creature killed. After getting levels, you will unlock the Monster Hunter weapons for purchase. They will be jagged and have a very ragged theme.

-New Explorer faction: With completing everything for the Gold Hoarders, you access the Explorers. They send to island and you must enter new cave systems, which lead to anschient doors. To open them, you must do a puzzle. On the floor. A Simon says (the actual toy color-memory thing) type game will be played at varying lengths to open it. Behind it will be books of, again, varying rarities. Cursed books will be a thing (ex. Book of Fire, sets people on fire, need to be put out with water). Getting max will unlock the full explorer outfit, which will look like the Hunter dude from jumanji.


-New Smuggler faction: After getting max rep in the Merchant Alliance, the Smugglers will be impressed with your skills of moving cargo. However, instead of moving animals, you will be moving people. Human trafficking isn’t represented enough in games imo. All you have to do is go to the island, find the person, lead them back to your ship, and deliver them to the smugglers. The catch? You have to keep them alive with no res pawns or do overs. Once they die from snakes, sharks, skeletons, or other ships, it’s over. The people will have differing statuses and you get paid differently. Difficult-er people might be drunk or can’t swim or some shit that hinders your abilities. Completing all levels unlocks the Smuggler equipment, which is similar to the Monster Hunter but more along the lines of covered in dark and raggedy cloth.

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I feel adding these would add more reward to pirate legends and would give more of an endgame and fun to voyages after 50. Please criticize my ideas.

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