Sea of Thieves

Counter the Athena Leeches

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Counter the Athena Leeches

Bit of a story here so get ready!

Last night I place a LFG post for a Athena Speed run get a group of legends together all with 2mil sailed and mics, Looking good! We plan out our route everyone is super chill and friendly and we get grinding. Everything is gucci we drop people off no one dies making great time. We finish the Athena in about an hour 20, Good run!.
Every says they would like to stay for another run AWESOME ide love to do another hour run with a good group so we hit a outpost restock our crates and head out….

We get to the first island and one of us goes "Be right back"
Again we just did a good run so no big deal if real life gets in the way a bit…..45mins later still not back…… now we have a problem we have all the drop off isands done and are heading to collect the rest of the animals on a OOS island.
Get this done and now its turn in time, turn in all the animals and bamn the final Xmarks the spot comes up by this time we had him brigged and could see him spinning in circles (The good old rubber band) We take a video drop the reports in xbox and start heading to our legend chest, get the chest head back to the outpost and GUESS WHOS BACK with a "Hey im back…why am i brigged…. if i was gone for that long why didnt it kick me" like oookkk buddy u knew damn well what you where doing…

At the outpost before we turn in we ask him to leave and told him we reported him but now hes just saying that if the game didnt kick him he did nothing wrong…. we spend a good amount of time trolling him with buckets letting the ship fill and watching him drown….just some general trolling puke buckets ect.


Thats when we see another gally heading to the outpost….. and DING idea time!!! I swim up to the gally using the megaphone (good item good item) and tell them we are friendly and ask if they are getting off after this turn in. They said YES! they are done playing for the day…. so i turn on the charm and ask once they are done turning in can i get a invite to there party and keep the boat, as we want 2 boats on the server for Meg super chill guys there down. After they turn in their loot they invite me to the crew I join and meet somone from my old crew who was hiding with the legend chest behind the inn, pick up the legend chest invite me other 2 party members….not the afk jerk…. and turn in the chest! BANG BANG suck on that AFK guy!!!

Funny part was one of the guys from the crew didnt leave and saw the chest turn in gets on the mic and goes "WTF did you guys just glitch a legend chest!" hahaha we explained to him what happend and told him we didnt want to tell them our true intentions just incase they got greedy!!

To the crew who helped us you guys are A+ thank you… to the jerk who went AFK for the ENTIRE legend quest i hope that rubberband wears out your joystick real quick you lazy leech

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