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Cowards get gold

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So, I was solo slooping the other day and had just completed a gold hoarders voyage(nothing but 8sea fareres chest). When I was sailing back i saw a shipwreck and decided "fu*k it, I got time" and went to it and looted. There wasn't much but a hateful skull and a sea fareres. So I got on my way towards gallons grave but saw a galleon there so I turned towards dagger tooth. And I saw the birds signialing another shipwreck, greed got the best of me and I took the dive to the capsized ship. It was a good bit down but my god was it fu*king stocked full of loot, 1 mauraders, 2 villinous skulls, 2 exotic spices and 1 exotic silk on the first deck alone. After nearly having a heart attack from a suprise shark while I was swiming up I seccured all the loot and went for the second deck and it had shit everywhere. Unfortunatly I only had time to grab some fine sugar when I realized another sloop had pulled up and started sinking me. Panicking at loosing all the loot I had acquired I quickly got on the mic and said "you dont have to sink me to take some of my loot." By some fu*king mariacle it worked and they didn't shoot me when I fixed my ship. They took some of my loot (1 of the spices and the maraders) before a galleon was spotted sailing towarss us. They asked if I wanted to help sink it for more loot. I said sure. When we went to engage I shoot once orntwice but as soon as the other sloop engaged the galleon and they started circling I just kept sailing straight towards dagger tooth. I may be a coward but I'm a RICH coward.


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