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Crew got mad when I typed instead of talking.

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I've been playing since day 1. Non stop. PL. Yadda yaddda yadda.

I was feeling lucky so decided to try and join an open galleon. I know, hopeful, right? As soon as I joined I could tell they were doing the skelly ships. There was the dramatic music and Meg was nibbling our tips.

However, 30 seconds in to bailing and patching I hear the victory music! We won(!) I felt pretty bad as I'd only just joined, but still dove in to pick up the loot, which was very deep in the ocean.

I picked up a skull and started swimming the long way back up to the surface. When the sharks came.

A member of my crew yelled through his mic 'FU*KS SAKE there's so many sharks now, Pritchers this is YOUR fault for lingering in the water' I was not phased by this. I knew there were dozens of sharks bc of the Meg, and continued to help.


As time went on, more sharks arrived and the crew got angrier. They started blaming me and telling me to leave etc. I typed politely saying about the Meg and you know what the sarky bastard replied?

'No, it's because you were in the water so fu*k you. And you don't have a mic so also fu*k you' I'd had enough. I hardly ever use mic bc I have bad anxiety AND I'm a woman, so people tend to judge me anyways. I shouted into the mic 'THERE'S A FU*KING MEGALODON YOU NUMPTY' Then they were all quiet the entire journey back. They were on about sinking our allied sloop, or breaking the alliance so they didn't get anything. They seemed like real prats.

Have you had any problems with people getting angry at you for not using your mic?

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