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Curse reverse: Cursed Cannonball suggestion

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I thought about this a week ago when the announcement and forums were blowing up about CC's. I was waiting to actually play with cursed cannonballs before posting any solutions or critiques about them. Now that I've played a few rounds and PvP/PvE, I want to weigh in.

It seems to me that most posts against cursed cannonballs revolve around how the effects minimize the need for skill in PvP. I've played with them and definitely see the point. They can tilt the tide in a battle FAR into one's favor as all anyone can do is wait out the timer. No counter. But what if there was?

My suggestion is to add a skill-based action to quickly remove the CC effects based on the ball.


Anchorball: 3 members of the galleon must man anchor to raise. (2 for brig 1 for sloop)

Rigging ball: must have both rigging lines in action to lower.

Peace ball: must get into the cannon to free it's movement.

Ballast ball: all but one player must abandon ship to lift ship


Helm ball: must drop anchor to free the helm.


Venom ball: crewmate must play an instrument near you to heal you (similar to taming a snake).

Grog ball: water must be thrown on player or you must jump into sea.

Weary ball: must ring bell on ship or hit by crewmate

Limp ball: must take banana from fellow crewmate.

Jig ball: water from a bucket or any damage taken awakes player

The timelapse mechanic would still exist, these techniques would simply allow a competent and communicative crew a quick escape for the effects.

Although I personally enjoy the CC's for their variety, I think that adding a skill based mechanic to balance the game would keep the game interesting without it becoming lopsided.

What do y'all think? Please add to or change any of the curse reversals.

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