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Cursed Cannonballs are awesome!

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Although divisive now I have a feeling people will get used to them over time and there will be less complaining. I think some people might be upset with them and the barrel 2.0 because it’s the first time we have ever seen the game expand/evolve in areas that we were once used and people are hesitant about change in any game but eventually adapt and learn new strategies for the mechanic to be used or countered. Personally I think it balances the game field for solo sloopers or brigs against bigger ship like the gallion. No longer having to be worried about being chased down by everyone on the server as a solo sloop instead you have actually having a chance of fully escaping or possibly sinking the gallion following you if you use CC strategically.

I love also people think CC don’t require any strategy when they Infact do.

1st let me start this off by saying that CC are something that will be rare to come by according to the devs after the event and your likely to find one or two across your whole play session, now this right here will require more strategy then it does currently because you will have to use the one you have at the right time and if you fail that it will be very hard to find again which will lead to more tactical use of these.


2nd the use of CC is all about timing and precision if you miss the shot it’s done or if you happen to hit the other ship but don’t have coordination with your team your screwed. For example if you hit a an enemy with an anchor ball to stop them this could backfire if they anchor and the rest of your crew isn’t able to drop yours or raise there anchor on time to start firing leading the other ship able to raise there anchor again and either come for you because they know your defenseless or raise there anchor and go the opposite direction knowing that it will take awhile for you to catch back up to them.

  1. Stunlock/player affected balls are much harder than any ball in the game than most people think I can honestly see a lot of people missing these shots a lot because if shot at a ship it will not affect anyone unless they are shot at a specific person and if that person jumps when hit the stun won’t effect them at all leading the other ship to lose that cannonball. Also when hit your whole crew wouldn’t be affected Unless in the same place but even if one crew member is not mobile at that moment it will lead to the rest of your crew to alter there strategy based on the current amount of other crew mates available again leading to more strategically.
Read:  We need spears/harpoons.

4th and this is just a theory of mine but rare stated when cooking is introduced certain food made will have benefits to the player and I have a feeling that one of those benefits will be a immunity to CC so that would be another way to counteract being shot with one.

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