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Cursed cannonballs are healthy for the pvp aspect of the game. I’ll try to explain my reasoning

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Yesterday I was solo slooping and went to a fort to have fun. I’m already lvl 10 and I just play for the adrenaline of sinking ships by myself and stealing loot at outposts. I can usually sink any ship by myself even galleons by just boarding ramming an island while killing over and over the 4 members of the crew. I say this to cross the assumption of me not being good enough at the game, this is not me bragging just stating facts about my understandment of the pvp aspect of the game. I have close to 400 forts done.

Yesterday I was solo slooping and approached a fort. It was empty. 10 minutes later a brig approaches and comes directly to me. When you are solo slooping boarding and leaving your ship alone when you are parked at the fort is the last action simply because if you miss or get knocked of the ladder or anything goes wrong there are big chances you are fu*ked.

When the brig came close enough I just raised their sails with cursed cannon ball in a position where the fort would still bombard them and I could still easily shoot at their ship and deck. Because I wasn’t being able to kill any of them cause they were just taking cover in the lower deck I shot myself boarded and they sunk. I managed to put them 100% in a defensive position so that i could safely shot myself and try to board them. Since they weren´t moving it´s a super easy board.

There was honestly little they could do and that’s the way it should have beeen since recklessly going into a ship in a defensive position with the squishiest ship in the game should give you a sink. Period.

Act 2. Another brig shows up. They do the exact same thing. They ram into me. This time I didn’t have cursed cannon balls so I couldn’t stop them. I decided to keg them. I manage to get into their ship and kill 2 of them with the barrel but I also died. 1 guy managed to keep them alive and kept ramming to me at full speed.

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When i respawned boarding was not an option. They were coming fast and it was risky. It was a far different situation than the other brig. I couldnt stop them at all besides leaving my ship alone and trying to board and kill them. They were good players (they saw me coming with the keg and managed to survive) so it wasn't gonna be that easy. I started putting cannon fire on them. It's a brig, they should get in trouble really fast. 12 straight shots plus the fort. Since they were coming directly to me I didn’t have much angle to put holes all over the ship but I trusted the fort to help in that sense which they did. Eventually they rammed into the fort and dropped anchor righ next to me ship. Fort stopped shooting and of course i lost angle too.

My thoughts were they should be about to sink it’s a damn brig how much can they stand against so much cannon fire, time to board them.

To my surprise when I was about to board I see one of them going for a keg at the fort and the other one trying to board me.

After 30 seconds the guy they left behind to repair was already watching ladders lol. They instantly went into offensive position like nothing happened and eventually Killed me and I sunk.

If I had cursed cannon balls they would have sunk. They give you so many tools to play offensively without needing to board. If that was a galleon I would have ran away and do something different but a brig relentlessly going into a ship in a defensive position at an active fort should never be in such an easy position to play offensive so fast.

Cursed cannon balls fixed that issue that has been going on since launch. Cannon fire means nothing If you can’t board because bailing and reparing is broken, takes no skill. But with cursed cannon balls that is not the case anymore since you can really push them to defensive limits and boarding it's just finishing the job instead of doing it.

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