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Cursed Cannonballs Cooldown

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Here I go again talking about cursed cannonballs! So I've been thinking a lot about these little balls of overpowered despair, and after a lot of testing, I still find myself and my crew agreeing about this: they are not fun. Not for those using them, although they are REALLY fun to use against skellies ahaha, and neither for those fighting against them, especially. I stand by my idea that CCs should be treated as a world item, like gunpowder kegs, loot,.. you pick one up, you put one down. Move them, hide them, decorate your ship, have a rave,… All that stuff.


BUT! I want to propose another idea, regarding another problem I have with the current state of CCs: cooldowns. When fighting the skeleton ships in Cursed Sails (and doing the Ship Cloud fights, but who does them anymore?) the use of cursed cannonballs was limited by the AI so that they wouldn't spam them making the fights impossible. Well, now the cursed cannonballs are in the hands of players, and there is now AI controlling them, meaning they can spam them as much as they want. In the right conditions, and with the right CCs, you only need a few to win a fight already, and even though I'm sure after the event we'll find way less CCs in the world, that does not stop a crew to spam the few they got. Sorry about this being so long, I'll cut short, what I think would be cool is that after firing a cursed cannonball the used cannon gets heated, so much that it won't be usable for let's say 30 seconds? It will glow bright red, which is a cool effect, and whoever interacts with it will take a small amount of damage. This will prevent players from spamming the cursed cannonballs, making the galleon the best ship for this as it will be able to fire 4 before being fully in cooldown on one side, this will make players think before using CCs and if it's worth it to fire them at the cost of one less cannon for a few seconds, you could fire all your cannons on one side with CCs, but then you would be vulnerable, forcing the crew to steer the ships and use the cannons on the other side or wait for the cooldowns. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

TLDR: if you fire a cursed cannonball, the cannon gets hot for some time. Ouch!

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