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Cursed Cannonballs Really Hinder Solo Players

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Hey guys, Big fan of the game, clocked in way too many hours on the seas since launch. But this past week it has been a little rough to get excited to play. I spend must of my time in a crew of 3-4 people, probably 70%. I play closed crew with a few friends of mine. But when they’re not around I really enjoy solo slooping. Whether I’m doing quests, getting into battles, or just meeting new people, I really like playing on my own. But with the addition of cursed cannonballs, I’m having a hard time playing. I won’t attempt to say I’m an amazing player, but I’m pretty proud of my sloop play. In the past, I’ve been able to easily out maneuver a galleon or brig and make a getaway. I’ll take a few licks, and put myself in a risky position from time to time to be able to quickly drop an anchor turn, cut tight on an island, etc. But these cursed cannonballs have really eliminated my ability to sail. One quick anchor ball and its over.
I get that they change the game and I have access to them too. But it’s too tough to sail solo anymore. I’m well aware I can hop into a open-crew galleon, but there’s a lot of times I’m just looking to enjoy the sea on my own. And sure, I can just keep a safe, long distance from any ships on the horizon, but then I’m always running and avoiding places. Where’s the fun in that? What do you guys think? I don’t think there’s much a solution, other than dialing down the frequency, but even that is only a small help. Just might be how the seas will be moving on. Still love the game, and really appreciate all the awesome memories from these first 6 months.


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