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Cursed chest ideas

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Below are a few ideas which I have seen around, some of which sound really good and some of my own to (some of these modded from cursed cannonball effects). Expand and denounce/correct based on mechanics and whatnot as you see fit. I'd sleep better if I know there's a list somewhere that rare might see.

Reapers chest

Similar to reapers mark (although unlike the flag it wouldn't be optional, could also boost earnings from other loot while kept aboard or become more valuable per mile sailed) >2000g

Map chest

Blurs the map( maybe only certain areas) so players must navigate by memory/landmarks etc. (I think this would be a good challenge for some experienced pirates and much like the chest of sorrows, can provide a learning experience for new pirates) >2500g

Ballast chest


Fills the ship 1/5 to a 1/3 depending on its value. ( Level of water will be permanently until chest is off the ship) Obviously very risky. >3000g

Storm chest

Storm forms over you or chest can only be found on islands where there is currently a storm, which then follows until chest is sold. Again, a good challenge and fairly risky. >3000g

Barrel lock chest

Locks barrels until sold. Pain in the ass and risky in the extreme (really not sold on this and it's not one I've not seen it posted elsewhere but I'll throw it out there). >5000g

As I've said, pick them apart and point out any obvious flaws I haven't thought about. Would enjoy reading the feedback.

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