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Cursed Sails, so Frustrated and Confused

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So last night Brigantine crew went to fight skeleton ships for the first time, and it was a shit show. I don’t mind hard challenges but it seemed the skeleton ships got a leg up every time we were doing well.

Here is the situation. 2 alliances brigantines, 2 skeleton ships. We all focused on 1 and shot the living hell out of it, from our ship alone I’m talking 40-50 cannonballs in succession, up and down their hull, most below the water line. Then I’d steer us close to ram and board, which is when the game decided NOPE YOU LOSE. I’m giving chase, both ships at full turn, the gap is closing, and then the skeleton ship literally just starts going significantly faster until it’s at a safe distance then goes back to “normal” speed. Or same scenario, almost there when it’s turn radius is cut in half, it peels away, no possible way for any ship to turn like that. And once at a safe distance it’s back to “normal”. Then we finally board the enemy ship, but just as my crew mate climbs on board, it dives into the water despawning, and a new one spawns a ways away…..


These three things happened multiple times… and then when we finally boarded and I made it down to the belly of the Galleon, that both ships had shot the living hell out of, it had a wet floor..that’s it. Just felt like there was no way to win unless gunpowder barrels, IF you can get close enough.

Questions I would have are: – can the skeletons bail water? Cause I’ve heard that they can and can’t. – why are the skeleton ship movements so jenky and unnatural. It’s like the ship itself has its own AI (instead of an AI skeleton steering and the ship acting like a normal ship) and it can go from full speed to no speed to super speed, and then turn on a dime whenever, because… – when they dive underwater, are they despawning? Is it just something they do or is it a brand new ship you get to fight?

All in all felt like there was no way to win, or even sink one of them, just a fight where everything was rigged against use without even a fighting chance.

I’m hoping it was a big or something cause I don’t really want to spend an hour and half collecting supplies, finding ships for an alliance, and finally getting to the fight, for this rigged experience.

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