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Cursed skull idea. The Skull of the Dead.

Sea of Thieves 7 - Cursed skull idea. The Skull of the Dead.

We have cursed chests in the game already. They are unique and make for fun experiences, but in my (and others) opinion there are not enough of them. There are plenty of cursed chest ideas floating around, but what about cursed skulls? Here's my idea for a cursed skull.


I would call it the Skull of the Dead. It would be a grey skull like the foul bounty skull with black markings all over it. Unlike the other skulls its eyes would be lifeless. Upon picking it up it would seem innocent enough, however it would have a periodic effect like the chest of sorrows. Every 5 minutes or so this skulls eyes will come to life, glowing red with evil magic. It will begin to shake and slowly lift into the air. A robed skeleton shaman would appear around the skull, temporarily completing its long, lost body to cast one more spell. The shaman's hands rise and clap above its head spawning a wave of 10 unarmed skeletons. Once the wave is defeated the shaman claps again, spawning another wave. Waves spawn endlessly for 1 minute, on either land or boat. Once the minute is over the shaman's body would disappear and the eyes would dim as the skull falls to the floor.

What do you guys think about the name and the mechanic?

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