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Dear Galleon: For My Seafarers!

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Dear Galleon:

I was only just a solo sloop. With my white flag raised high, and my open communication that I just had a riddle at Discovery Ridge. You decided to be rude, and steal the only item I had to my name…my Seafarers chest.

Do not worry, as I never forget. I just decided to continue to sail to the fort for the fun Commendation! I kept a close eye on you from afar, as I came across another Galleon wanting to complete the fort as well! They let me hop on, and sit there with pride, while they shot skeleton by skeleton, and frequently died.

I sat on top of their crows nest, with a watchful eye, I saw you from a distance…nope, you could not hide. We completed the fort, and piled the treasure high, we decided to sail to Sanctuary, but remember, I kept a watchful eye.

I helped sail the boat, and helped park it too, piled the treasure up one by one hoping they would give me one too. As they were nice, they gave me a Seafarers, but it did not patch the wound. We had to go to the same island, for just one chest, so they taxied me there as I took a great little rest.


Now do not forget, I remember all those who wronged me. I saw you sailing to the outpost that we had just come from and made sure my new friends did too. You started to sail away from us as we started heading forward, but we saw you slowing down at Smugglers Bay so we decided to make one last trip.

"Onward!" I yelled as we got closer, we decided to ram your ship and I jumped off with a big cry "FOR MY SEAFARERS!" I was only hoping you all would die. One by one you all fell down, so my new friends and I cheered all around. We watched your boat sink, and heard your little cries, but don't worry, we took that one Marauder's you guys were trying to hide 😉

Read:  Does anyone else feel like the "time limited" thing kinda turns them away from the game a little?

Thank you to my new friends that stuck with me and let me aboard the crew!

P.S. I know I rhymed here and there but not the entire time. I am just not THAT creative so this will have to do!

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