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Dev updates are pretty solid

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There's been a lot of negativity on this sub today so here's something positive. The last two Dev updates have been really cool to watch. They've given a lot of insight into what's going on at Rare and while a lot of people here are losing faith in them and are pretty angry about no patch today, personally I think the future looks good.

As long as Rare starts delivering on the things they are promising in these videos, which we should see those promises start being delivered next week, the future of the game looks pretty solid. I personally love how much they are listening to community feedback and picking the right things to focus on changing.

So if you haven't seen next week will bring two highly requested changes: Private lobbies and rebalancing loot. Private lobbies are massively needed for a lot of players and will be very useful for myself as I usually have 3 or 4 man crews and being able to scale and add or lose a fourth without relobbying will be great.

As for loot distribution, the key point made around that was as you level up, you'll start seeing better loot more often and most importantly, less castaway chests! This is something that really is needed in a game with no actual progression. The feeling that the voyage you're now doing at level 40 is much more likely to give you good loot than the ones you were doing at level 10 is a minor change development wise but a huge change in how players perceive the game.


Not only that but we're getting a trailer and release date for Hungering Deep next week. While they haven't said what day, so don't expect it on patch day, they did say it would be next week. Now before people jump down Rares throat like they did with the whole "It's May, where's the update?" despite there being half the month left, that does mean we could get the trailer as late as sunday night. So manage your expectations people!

But yeah, if updates start rolling out with the features promised in the time frame promised I think it will do a lot not just for the health of the game but for the community too. We're all wanting more content but these QoL changes will be huge improvements until the first content hit comes and I hope Rare can deliver and the community can appreciate their work.

Oh also forgot the mention, passing items between players is coming as well as hiding your name tag underwater. No more being sniped when the enemy can't see you but can see your name tag. Should make PvP a lot more interesting and rewarding for players who are vigilant to people in the water. Although I see a lot more "players shouldn't see our mermaids" threads coming.

Anyway, good job Rare on listening to the community. A lot of people might think you're being slow but frankly delaying a patch to make sure it's ready and keeping us updated with your plans is exactly the right move in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to the future of this game!

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