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Devils Roar Praise

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Where do I start? Wow, Rare! Great Job! This has been a great experience and by far the best addition to this game since day one! Let me tell you about some things leading up to this update and an experience I had last night! The original changes to the resource barrels was fraught with issues and complaints from myself (PL) and PL friends! I actually lost half my regular crew cause of it, sad really. They had already hit Athena’s 10 also and just didn’t have any drive to keep playing for more cosmetics with fundamental changes to looting barrels. Sad. This game hasn’t ever been about maxing out your character, cause you really get nothing more then a day one player gets except cosmetics. Regardless, I have found other less critical gamers to crew up with!


So onto my experience last night, on a galleon with a mixed crew of legends and “so close to 50” players. We were working on OOS bilge Ray commendations. We were very tactical about the ship, leaving one person on ship to make a quick exit if eruptions happens. One miss communication and we saw our loot Heavy galleon sink. The two of us on the erupting island, just east of Morrows Peak, had a row boat each. We went out to where our vessel sank and started collecting all the floating skulls (11), chest (8), Merchant (5) and loading them into the row boats. Unfortunately row boat #2 was directly hit by a small moon sized volcanic projectile killing my other crew mate leaving me alone to load loot into row boat #1 alone while dodging debris. By some miracle, after row boat #1 getting hit once by a smaller piece of debris, got ALL of it loaded. Our ship, with the other 3 of our crew spawned at freaking smugglers bay. The eruption subsided and my solo journey began to the outpost to cash in our salvaged loot. With directions from my crew I start approaching morrows peak, However, there was a brig there, and I hesitated to bring another crew hours of our efforts. I slowly approached when I saw the Brig departing the outpost. I rowed up on the west side and started cashing in at the paradise and disbelieve of my crew. I was about 3 trips in when 2 sloops rolled up in clear sight of my loaded down row boat. I switched to game chat to see if they were hostile or cool. My crew was laughing so hard at me due to the distracting banter I used to keep them distracted while I cashed in almost 20k of loot parked right by their ships in a dingy. They ended up being cool with one of the players actually dancing on my boat while I made multiple trips to the vendors. I convinced them to join our alliance and proceeded to sail for a couple of more hours in that alliance, they weren’t very productive but it was a fun experience using all the new tools of this update! Just wanted to share this experience and hope to see you guys out on the seas!

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