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Devils Roar Tactics

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Given the continued rumbling of people struggling with the Devils Roar content, here's some perhaps obvious notes on dealing with the area.

Ship types

  • The devils roar is hard in a solo sloop (you take on water fast and there is minimal cover – you cannot stay near volcanoes for fear of death and subsequent sinking.

  • The devils roar is tough on brigs – low to the water, fast to flood, the barrage of volcanoes means you have to flee during eruptions. The brigs being fast helps this.

  • The devils roar is easy in a galleon – even solo – though sailing is clearly more difficult. You can sit out the volcano eruptions docked by islands only fixing holes in the bottom deck.


  • Whenever you feel an earthquake, immediately flee to your ship for cover and repairs

  • Volcano eruptions last 4-6 minutes

  • Multiple eruptions normally have a matching 4-6 minute gap between

  • Not all earthquakes lead to eruptions, but more often than not they do

  • You have about 45 seconds to get to your ship before the eruptions start and the water is lava.

Crew Configurations & Tactics

  • Solo Sloop or Solo Brig – Flee the island on every earthquake

  • Solo Galleon – Take cover on the bottom deck of your galleon on every earthquake

  • Duo Sloop or Duo Brig – One player on the island, one on sloop to flee. Island player can take cover in caves

  • Duo Galleon – One player on island, one on galleon to repair. Island player can take cover in caves.

  • Three-Four players – Galleon, park at island, ensure one player on the galleon or one player returns to repair through the eruptions.


Practically, the rowboat helps you ride out the eruptions, as the target percentage is way way way less (there's a good chance you'll not get hit at all) but the faffing of finding one, travelling with one, and rowing makes it fun but relatively impractical.

Short version

Use a galleon, sit out any eruptions on the bottom deck, if there's more than one player present, have the other players either wait it out on the island or come back and help with the meagre repairs required. It's moderately inconvenient to solo sail a galleon, but easier and more time efficient than either fleeing eruptions, or using a rowboat.

Anymore things that have worked for people?

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