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Devil’s Roar? What about The Wilds?

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With more talk and information about Devil's Ridge, it keeps reminding me of the BIGGEST problem with the current Sea of Thieves map…the elephant in the room…The Wilds.

Right now, it feels like we are just sailing in the poop colored ugly version of the Isle of the Ancients…and that's a disservice to how much craft and interesting dynamics actually are on display within the visual design of the region. There is so much potential but so little to make it unique or add rhyme to reason. It looks scary…but isn't any more scary than the other regions. That's a problem!

Changes that could help add a purpose to the visuals (In order of importance and ease of application)

1) Increase monster spawn chance and difficulty of quests in the area.

They have Kraken's Fall, Kraken's Watchtower, etc but you can get hit by a Kraken as often at Sanctuary Outpost as you can at the place covered in Kraken skeletons…what gives? Have some terror roaming that fog and add to the treacherous nature of the area. More sharks, more skeletons, more hostility.

Add +1 or +2 extra skeletons that spawn each wave, more snakes, less chickens and pigs, more sharks, this is not a forgiving place.

In return for increased difficulty: Increase random loot quality, increase quest reward quality chances, etc.

Any time your quest happens to bring you to The Wilds it should be a mixed bag. The Wilds should be the place you avoid or the place you dare to enter. It should be a statement and a choice. You should dread it on your quest wheel like the boss at the end of the dungeon.

2) Add Fog (Probably the MOST important feature we need to see in The Wilds)

A light constant mist that has roaming THICK fog to obscure vision. This would be the primary means of identifying that you are about to enter a dangerous place.

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The primary request when talking about The Wilds is fog. What is the point of all those spires and dangerous rocks if you can see them from a mile away? The only people hitting them don't have a driver. Throw in a sound affect around those spires of water hitting rock and people can avoid them by paying attention.

3) Give it the "Devil's Roar" Treatment!

Devil's Roar will be treated as a "higher difficulty" zone. Aka, no means of spawning inside, you have to travel to it intentionally, and it houses its own quest that are more difficult and theme'd to the area. Do this for The Wilds. Make it the Isle De Muerta of Sea of Thieves instead of Isle of Ancients on a bad day.

While Devil's Roar is the heart of evil…The Wilds could be the no-man's land where Evil pushes towards the civilized paradises in the Sea O Plenty. There are brave soldiers and crafty pirates who can take on The Wilds but it's a constant battle to maintain civilization in this treacherous and vile mist within the heart of the Sea of Thieves.

4) Throw in unique challenges and monsters that haunt the Wilds.

Sirens that sing and lure you through the mists. Wisps that guide you through the fog and into rocks. Evil face sucking monstrosities that hide in the pits and skulls of the massive creatures that beached and died on the shores of this cursed land.

It looks SOOOO different but without some kind of unique threats…it's going to continue to not feel any different.


Add Fog to The Wilds…

But also:

Treat the Wilds like you will treat Devil's Roar. Put it outside the normal quest set and make it dangerous. The Wilds looks scary and different but aren't. There is no point to its visual design and therefor it feels like a missed opportunity. It's ripe for a gameplay adjustment to make it something to AVOID…not something to just be annoyed by for not being as pleasant.

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