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Discussion: Campaigns so far…

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With the news about the upcoming Forsaken Shores campaign being a rather casual exploration one with a departure to the time limited aspect…

What do you think about the current direction of Campaigns in Sea of Thieves?

Skip this and comment your own opinions if you'd like…

TL;DR – Cursed Sails had a few good moments but overall was just sailing to read books again. With campaigns possibly not being time limited anymore…they should put more effort into them and structure the experience to be a lot of fun and possibly a unique PvE challenge that requires effort to overcome.

  • Not being time limited is important and allows them to put more effort into them without it going to waste…these are major lore info drops and points of emotional draw to the world…we need more ways to understand the lore and watching other player's youtube vids isn't good enough. They should last longer and be added to as the story progresses.Example: Wanda ended with an ominous entry as she fully transformed into the Warsmith…in a future campaign you add to that and have her enter the seas as the Warsmith as a boss…instead of just having two separate campaigns…have them continue for new players…so a new player would just keep going and old players would just pick up where they left off on the last major update that focused on that lore.
  • Notebook splash text is only interesting in moderation. More visual puzzles and less text fetching (sailing across the sea to read a book).
  • Revamping old locations is something to look forward to. Sadly, Wanda's Lab had no purpose. It was just a set piece. Wish there was a point to it other than hiding more flavor text in props.
  • Throwing in some diversity and structure to gameplay through campaigns should be the main priority. I really don't think random skeleton spawns count. Having places to shoot up to reach with your cannon, fighting themed skeletons that have specific points of entry and strategy instead of just random waves, riddles, digging up treasure…the game has the tools..they just aren't using them in the campaigns. I'd rather campaigns be PvE skill challenges with story than just reading books.Example: When entering Wanda's Lab without the commendation it should have a fight or trap in place for flavor and to break up the really dull tone of just sailing around reading books. Maybe she stowed some Cursed Cannonballs up in a spot you had to shoot up to (commendation would act as check if you already looted). Upon grabbing those an AI ship spawns and you use the balls on the ship. Etc.
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