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Do people understand what this game is?

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This is a response to the post that is bashing the new sets.

First off this game is supposed to be goofy that’s what makes the game so unique and gives it its charm. You really think pirates actually fought skeletons, kraken, megladons,etc. No! Pirates would be killed trying to launch themselves from cannons and that’s what these new sets convey which is the goofy charm this game has.

Side note: this guy basically saying how he would never see these sets in a PoTC movie yet in those movies one of antagonists is a god damn octopus who has a huge claw for a hand as well crab leg for a peg leg which is what one of sets coming in FS in is homage to Davy Jones.


2nd point is in my opinion there is already enough “serious” pirate clothing for now in game and honestly they’re cool and all but none have a true distinct look basically are just dyes of each other in some instances. When I come across another player with my hunter set on nothing is said about my style but when I come across a player when I’m wearing the bone crusher outfit I always get asked “where did you get that”. The reason is because these styles convey the unique and goofy look which complements the games tone.

I’m honestly getting annoyed when people complain all of the sudden about it when few weeks ago everyone was saying how awesome these sets looked.

I also not saying more “serious” sets don’t need to be added but why not have both instead of ruling out one another.

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