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Does anyone else feel like the “time limited” thing kinda turns them away from the game a little?

tvAX34cZGc9ggn8AfTcyRH 1024x558 - Does anyone else feel like the "time limited" thing kinda turns them away from the game a little?

Not to say I don't love this game because I do. Me and my friends have a whole lot of fun just sailing around being pirates. But like many other people in this world, I work 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday and don't have too too much time to play games. During the hungering deep we had 2 weeks to fight the megalodon and that was plenty of time. Get on for one big session or two smaller play sessions and you're done. Mission completed. It was kinda sad to see it go but I understand why Meg couldn't stay in that state and had to be moved to a random encounter after some time.

But the time limited aspect of the game makes me just not want to even try. When I couldn't play at all through the entire time of the mermaid statues and couldn't play for the second week of this event so I'm missing out on the hull and sails forever.

Well that shouldn't bother me if I just don't care all that deeply about the cosmetics. Right? But the ideology that is being pushed here is "Get it before it's gone or risk not being cool and up to date in the community!"


I'm not suggesting to change the entire system to a non time limited system, but it just feels very excluding. I'll point you towards the initial release of cursed sails showing that they really didn't and still don't have the average working player in mind when they make these updates and time limited campaigns. They did change it to a rotation system and add another week for those who encountered a glitch but that still makes me just not want to do the event if I know just because life got a bit hectic for one week I'm missing out on the big prize at the end.

Don't know if other working people or people with busy school schedules feel the same or not, but that's just how I've been feeling lately with the game. Not burnt out in the slightest. Excited to play the game every time I do, but sad about being locked out of the big prize or even some of the smaller ones intended to give you something to show for your work just because I can't play some weeks over others.

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