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Don’t Get Discourage, Devil’s Roar is Just Different

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Hey all, long time SoT player and hanger around of the subreddit, and I wanted to offer some encouragement to those that at complaining getting frustrated about the new DLC. I see a lot of the same comments; "The volcanoes are too hard," "I can't figure out the row boat, it should be easier," "The quests aren't worth the amount of times I insta-died because of X." I do understand, Devil's Roar offers an entirely different type of game play. It's challenging, it's hard, its infuriating. And when I got into it, I started to find those same thoughts, but then I started to really think about it, figure out the plans, and get a feeling for the new region with my crew, and I realized it's not that it's too hard, it's that we have to think differently.

And we, as the player-base has had plenty of times we had the start thinking different. Remember when Skelly Forts were so damn hard? We'd spend hours upon hours grinding away on one, just to lose it at the last second to a fully crewed Galleon that rolled up on us. The pounding of the shore batteries and towers, the constant swarm of impossible to kill shadow skellies, the hoards killing you en-mass? And then what happened? Well, we all figured out the strategies. We started hugging the islands where the guns couldn't get us, we worked to corner the enemy in kill zone, and struggles to fight to victory, getting better by the day. Now Forts are the easiest way to make 3K+ really fast, because in 20-30 minutes you can have it conquered.

Then they added new types of Skellies. Remember when barrel skellies first popped? When you would be digging away at the chest you had crawled over an island for, and found it, only to hear the telltale chuckle and hiss of a barrel. No where to run, you're dead. They were the worst, always a nuisance, always just needing to be killed to get away. And now, we farm them for their barrels, use them as a source of supply. And on top of that, it has made many of us deadly with an Eye of Reach, because how else do you pop them off from a safe distance. I won't talk about sniper skeletons though. Fu*k those guys.

And the Skeleton Fleets, with Alliances? Remember when those first came? Slogging it out for hours, dragging the Fleet around, and getting killed at the last second, only to have another ship arrive and finish your fight and steal your goods. And now they're mostly supplied, so if you want it back, it's going to be a chore… So we formed alliances, made massive fleets of our own, and shared the wealth. We became masters of the sea, ruled the ocean with our pennants waving in the wind. And these Alliances persisted through, making ships of potential enemies into great allies, making everyone all the wealthier! And when Cursed Crews arrived, we persisted with these Alliances still, using them to corner enemies that would not submit, planning, and overcoming individual weakness. Now everyone knows the sequence (Peaceball, anchorball, rigging ball, regular balls for a peppering of choice, finish with a ballast ball.) These annoying canonballs, all the too plenty at the time became crucial in making seasoned pirates a little less co*ksure of themselves, and allowed newer players to gain advantages.

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So where are we now? I can hear it, so let me type it for you here: "Doughnut, I get it, everything before this was challenging! But, like, I was parked off the side, and got killed and sunk!" So park farther and row in. "But it's too far, the row boat-" then learn where to park not to have it destroyed and learn to weave. "But my entire crew was on the island and-" that was your first mistake, have someone with the ship. "The geysers, they-" kill skeletons instantly, watch the ground for openings and your screen for water drops, because that often predeceases a geyser eruption. "The volcanoes have too far a range!" So do they in real life, except they are also accompanied by toxic clouds of sulfur and carbon monoxide/dioxide, and sound waves that can kill you. Learn the radius, if you have to get closer, go slow and weave to avoid.

I'm not saying "git gud" I'm saying the new DLC has been out for what, 24 hours? I'm saying you'll figure it out in time, and suddenly the Roar will be the place to mine higher level voyages. Yes it's a challenge, but Rare told us as much. This wasn't for the inexperienced, or I hate to say it, the solo. This is where you have to use teamwork, be skilled at the game already, and know to look for patterns. Be prepared to be punished, because this region will punish you for not playing by the rules, and it will do it hard. This isn't for the people that have been cheesing their way through, for those that have rode in on the easy. This is a region for those who seek the thrill of danger, for those that want to test their skills, those that want to make the game a whole level of different. And if you don't want those things, that's fine, most of the map has anything but those things. You have an option for a good challenge still out on the rest of the seas, but the Roar, the Roar is for those that want to look Davy Jones dead in his soulless eyes, spit at his feet and say "I'm not afraid of you, I can't wait to see you again."

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TL;DR: The Devil's Roar is hard and it should stay hard; you don't suck, you just don't know how to play the new region yet.

Good luck, have fun, and Be More Pirate.

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