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Hey ya'll!

Been playing this since launch and it has been on incredible and/or surreal experience after the other. I came to this game after playing Destiny for several years and while I have a lot of issues with the game(s) I have ALWAYS loved the raids and precarious jumping puzzles they've had.

As a suggestion for the game do ya'll think you would enjoy a similar experience on the Seas? Such as performing some sort of ritual ( like the meg ) on an island to an open a door somewhere that leads you into an exotic new space where you're met with enemy bosses that require coordination outside of shooting them? Like a giant snake boss that you have to play music for or an encounter Captain Flameheart where you have to constantly douse his flames with water. ( Or a giant pig god that rages until you feed him enough bananas) Also going daunting and seemingly impossible jumping puzzles such as climbing on very very narrow ledges and rickety bridges and jumping off a cliff into a very small pocket of water below.


This could even tie in with the idea for satchels that another redditor, u/landdude778 , had one this thread. Or even just somehow supply crews with banana and ammo crates ( that last one might have to be tweaked ) which crews can fill up to bring down with them.

I know this may be at odds with keeping additions to Sea of Thieves world as unscripted and open as possible but Sea of Thieves unique and open ended gameplay entreats the idea of dungeons with a lot possibility.

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