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Endgame Ideas + Misc Cosmetic Stuff

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Modular belt- can mount skulls, pouches and other trinkets that can be found in containers or rewarded for completing voyages.

Modular jewellery- can mount some goodies dropped from bosses like teeth from the meg or the kraken’s eyes

Faction flags for ships

The ability to wear multiple scars at a time (2 max)

Shark tattoos light up when meg shows up

Gameplay rewards for hitting 50 in a faction- (TLDR cosmetic rewards and some neat tweaks to voyages)

The gold hoarders would grant you a key allowing you to open up the chests (excluding chest of legends) however, the loot inside might not be worth as much as the chest. Or it might just be filled with junk. Additionally you would also gain a scar that turns part of your body into gold. Making you feel like a real member of the gold hoarders as well as a necklace bearing the hoarder’s symbol.

For the order of souls you would gain the ability to read the minds of the skulls you collect in your voyages. These could lead you to rare treasure the fallen pirate amassed during his life. Or it could just have an interesting slice of information about the lore. After reading the minds of the skulls they become worthless and can be discarded. Reaching 50 in the order of souls would also grant you the blacked out eyes of the order witches as well the spooky crying face paint.


The merchant alliance would grant you voyages to capture more dangerous and exotic beasts. These voyages would send you to a specific island where a few of these beasts would spawn. Boars would move in herds and wouldn’t take kindly to one of their own being stuffed in a cage and carted off requiring you to fight off the rest of the herd. If the boar isn’t fed regularly during your journey back to the outpost it will attempt to break free from its cage. If it succeeds you’ll have an angry boar running around your ship until you can repair the cage (uses wooden planks)

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Hawks would remain in the sky. The only way to capture them is to bait them into your cage with the promise of tasty treats. Someone would have to be hidden nearby in order to seal the cage when the bird lands inside.

Once onboard the hawk may panic during some of the rougher parts of the voyage (during storms and gunfire) and will thrash around in its cage until it is either calmed by a soothing shanty or it dies.

As a reward for being a good little merchant you would also receive a fancy set of clothes and a scar consisting of dark bags under the eyes and snakebites and scratch marks down the arms.

However, in order to gain these goodies you would need to complete an “initiation” voyage.

For the golden boys you would be sent to a fort that would function similar to a skeleton fort but with less waves and loot.

The order of souls would give you a location on the map (A12 for example) where you would have to sink a single skeleton ship.

The merchants would send you after the new beasts to test your mettle.

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