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It blows my mind how some people can be so hypocritical in this game. I join in on a 3 man galleon that was working on a skull fort that was almost done, when another galleon rolled up, sunk them, and finished the fort. We haul ass back to the fort and let loose one of the most beautiful cannon volleys I have ever seen.

At this point their ship sinks and I dive into the water to finish them off and am immediately bombarded with childish insults. "Kill yourself faggot" "hope your mom gets cancer" "are you proud of starting a fight when we aren't on our ship bi*ch?" Well personally I was pretty proud considering how easy it was.


Eventually they get on board, killed us, and tried sailing away. We respawned and killed 3 pretty quickly. I swim over and grab the stronghold chest, and skull when I hear 1 more guy on the island talking to his crew. My crew is on their way to sell the stuff while I stay behind to talk to this guy. He was chill and I told him he was more than welcome to have the the rest of the loot, that we only really cared for the 2 pieces we took. We parted on an agreement that It was a fun fight despite his crewmates being absolute cancerous ass hats.

TLDR and moral of the story: don't be a d*ck just because you got outplayed and maybe you might still come out of it with something to show for your troubles.

Edit: just found out the guy I gave the rest of the loot to was in a sloop hiding on the far side of the island.

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