Sea of Thieves

Epic return to the sea of thieves!

Sea of Thieves 9 - Epic return to the sea of thieves!

After playing at release, and spending a month enjoying sailing with a few friends, we all lost interest spending all our time idly sailing from island to island, digging up the same chests, and buying the few cosmetics that existed.

After months of updates we returned to try it out this week, and om my! has this game come a long way. No longer does the world feel empty, and everything repetitive, now every session is epic and engaging.

Here the epic story of our adventures last night: (and you if you fought over Old Gold Fort last night)

As a 3 man Brigantine, we spawn in, supplies are scarce on the island. We quickly see a skull fort real close and sail towards it, hoping for some barrels on route. No luck.

Arrive at the skullfort to see a galleon tied up, absolutely botch our approach, with skeleton tours and the galleon hammering us. We make a quick run around the island, repair, re-position. We come in from the far side, keep it tight to the island and cut the sails real slow. The galleons bow peeks around the edge, wide open to our broadside, she sinks fast.

We quickly get the ship in position and begin the skullfort, I'm on lookout. Suddenly a Skeleton Galleon spawns as if called by the island! Heads straight at us, and just steers around the island in a circle. My mates were at the fort, so we took the first hit hard. and some damn skeleton has gotten in a watchtower and is pummeling us. The skeleton fort does about 3 passes around the island as we struggle to take out this one! damn guy in the tower while taking the galleons broadsides. We managed to drop a explosive barrel as a mine in the route of the skelly galleon and blew it up.

No time to regroup though. Because another player Brigantine comes towards us. We managed to kill most of them with some cannon fire as they came at us. One of our crew took their helm and starts taking their ship around the island to scuttle it. Then one of them comes out of nowhere, kills me and takes our helm. We retook the ship, as they sank, barely keeping our ship afloat. At this point, supplies are really low. and we can see another brig sailing towards the island. it's time to cut and run, as we already had some loot from the ships we sank.

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We make for the nearest outpost, and midway, a skeleton galleon spawns! We quickly man battle stations, and notice, there's also a megaladon!! We sink the skelly galleon but are too busy doing damage control and fighting the meg to see where it went down. After getting out of the meg's range, we look back and see the brigantine that had taken over the skullfort is now in combat with a skeleton galleon, and things are going badly. Well then lets try and slip on back there, so we head in, and manage to finish off the brigantine, just as they managed to sink the skeleton galleon. The fort is ours again! We set up and set to work.


Suddenly another brigantine on the horizon, it sails in fast and suddenly everything explodes. Both 3 man crews are killed in the explosion. The ghost ship is full of them laughing with glee over hitting us so hard. We are imagining how fast we sink. The bell rings and we all run through the door within a couple seconds of each other.

Both ships are nearly full of water, two of us are bailing, and we send a crewmember to board them. We sink them, but we barely have anything left. maybe 8 wooden boards between us. Also interesting, is apparently that brigantine had more gunpowder than we've ever seen. even after the mega-explosion that nearly sank us. there's about 8 explosive barrels in the water stretching straight from our outboard side about 3-4 ship lengths. The waters around the island are now a minefield for our defense.

Back to the skullfort, but soon another ship is on the horizon, sailing in they have no idea there could be that many barrels of gunpowder in the water. Their attack is very short lived, but we've taken some damage and only have 4 wooden planks left. It's finally time to take what we have (which isn't bad after a few skeleton ships, and the loot people had onboard) so we pull up head to the outpost.

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Halfway there another megaladon spawns! it takes a bite, we are out of planks. One guy is permanently on bucket duty. I'm at the helm heading for the island. Another bite! We have at least 6 holes onboard and no wood But we manage to kill the megaladon! We drop our loot, getting a modest amount of supplies in return.

But the skullfort is still there, and free for the taking. Our ship literally has only half of it's paint job, left there's so much repaired damage. Barely any cannonballs, but doing well on bananas. We anchor off the back of the skullfort, no one disturbs us, we load up the treasure.

We anchor at the outpost, and start selling. Just as we finish selling the stuff that's worth anything real good, a brigantine shows up at ramming speed. The ships go boom! Another gunpowder barrel wipes us out, the respawn is tense, and we are at an island in the far north of the map. It's a long haul, all we lost was some low level loot. We call it a night.

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