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Everything we know about the Forsaken Shores update so far…

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Everything we know about the Forsaken Shores update so far...

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  • Devil's Roar is located East of the wilds
  • There is one Outpost
  • You won't spawn there – have to prepare and journey there
  • Volcanic activity on the outpost (and other islands?) is 'random'
  • When erupting, water surrounding the islands super heats causing health damage
  • Geysers can shoot you into the air when you run over them
  • Rowboats are discoverable in the world (they don't spawn with your ship)
  • Rowboats take damage and can be destroyed
  • Rowboats can hold 4 people
  • Rowboats have a storage locker for resources
  • New Merchant quest (deliveries)
    • Deliver plants, material, booze – each takes different types of damage
    • Items can be stolen and delivered by other crews


  • Devil's Roar themed chests and trinkets (trailer)
  • Campaign will begin at Thieves Haven (trailer)


  • 14 islands
  • 2 full new clothing and ship sets


  • Facepaint (definitely coming to the game, but not directly confirmed for FS by Rare)
  • Jewellery? (trailer)
  • Fishing/Dice – at E3 Joe said they were trying to get a mini-game (heavily hinted as fishing) in to Forsaken Shores but was not set in stone as a firm target (just a nice-to-have). Recently confirmed (live stream) dice will be coming but, again, no firm date.
  • Campaign trophy/loot? (related to Gigacrab?)
  • In the original roadmap video from April, Mike and Joe mentioned a very specific AI threat (Mike calls it "fantastical") that is themed to the new region, however this has not been mentioned since.

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