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Exploration in the shroud – An idea to increase the content/replayability

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Here's an idea that I think would work amazing with increasing the content/replayability of SoT that revolves around the "Shroud" and what I think would be pretty lore friendly.

The idea is adding exploration into the game. We would sail into the shroud on one of the edges of the map. Once inside the shroud, you would have very limited visibility (think heavy fog), and would have to pay very close attention to your surroundings as there would be rocks and occasionally an island. I'm not sure how the lobbies work, but to keep it fresh, on the creation of the lobby, the shroud would be randomly generated in the sense that islands, and rocks wouldn't be in the same place every time. This means that every time you boot up SoT, the shroud will always be different. To make it really challenging, I think the compasses wouldn't work in it so you would have to navigate via the sun and the stars. (Side note: Adding the Northern star was an amazing touch! Love it!) And since you would be exploring into the shroud, you wouldn't appear on the map anymore.


Even if the shroud wasn't randomly generated, not being able to see very far ahead of you and the lack of solid navigation would make it challenging.

The further you go into the shroud, the better rewards you would find. The catch is that you need to make it back out of the shroud and hand everything in. Maybe even set up another guild that is all about exploring the shroud.

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