Sea of Thieves

Exploration Log: An easy way to add incentive to doing riddles

Sea of Thieves 10 - Exploration Log: An easy way to add incentive to doing riddles

There are so many landmarks and paintings in this game. And right now, their only purpose is for riddles. You know those voyages you pick up but ignore because you know that it may take you 20 minutes to find 1 chest. I know that these landmarks also provide some lore, but without the riddles to go and specifically find them, there's probably many of them out there that we've never seen.

An Exploration Log/Checklist would have vague lists of all landmarks and paintings to discover. Lists could be Regional. You officially "discover" a landmark or painting Only when it is activated in a riddle. The landmark or painting is then checked off the list. When a Regional list is complete, some sort of reward is unlocked (could be clothing, ship cosmetics, maybe reputation in the faction of your choice, anything would work).
Now when you get a riddle, you would say: "What region is this in? Let's do it, I still need to discover some stuff here"


This would get us to think twice about ignoring Riddles. It would also provide a sense of satisfaction while doing the riddles since we'd be checking things off our list everytime we activate something. This would also open up an exploration aspect to the game that some people feel is missing.

This is also completely expandable since we know the Devs will eventually add new regions.

It's also something new for everyone, so whether a new player or a PL, you would have more gameplay options for all.

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