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Feeling somewhat robbed of adventure

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I believe that Rare has tried to make things better in this game since launch and every update I've kept coming back for more fun on the sea's, But I feel like with the recent change to commendations some of my fun has been taken away from me.

I don't have a load of time to play and I've been playing since launch and am only now rounding the corner to Pirate legend but I've suddenly felt some of my motivation drain away in this new patch.


The commendation changes I'm sure for the most part have been received with praise since who doesn't like free rep and titles, but my Sea of Thieves story has been one of mostly a merchant making and one of the things I enjoyed doing in my free time was stocking up and selling Gunpowder barrels. The Recent patch has gone from needing 1000 Barrels to 100 Barrels therefore unlocking 3 levels of commendation for me (Was roughly around 400 Barrels) And Part of me feels happy to have the Achievement and title that goes along with it, but I also feel Partially robbed of the adventure toward the commendation, 600 Gunpowder barrels is a lot of work to put in, but something I felt was going to be part of my adventure and legacy in this game, becoming a rare Black Powder Merchant.

I'm sure there are others who feel in a similar way especially those who've played this game since launch.

I just dunno I think Rare took out some of the fun of the game today.

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