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Find a Crew – new, alternate LFG to find quality crews

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What up fellow SoT pirates!

With permission from the mods, I'm pleased to announce the launch of our new Sea of Thieves looking for group (LFG), or looking for crew page on For The Win!

Like you, I've been playing Sea of Thieves for a while and it's one of my recent favorite games. But as you know, open crews is the pits, and I like to look for quality crews of like-minded players. But I've found the other LFGs lacking in terms of what I am trying to do.

I found myself getting tired of poor ways to find crews to what I wanted to do, and the impersonal feel from a generic app like the Xbox app. One of the nice features with our LFG is we try to keep it simple to a) list what you want to do or b) find what you want to do.


For example, perhaps I'd like to do an Athena's run but I'm not a Pirate Legend. We all know PLs can be particular about their Athena's runs. Well we let you filter for Athena's runs that welcome non-PLs. And we let PLs list that they are looking for crews only with PLs.

Another nice feature is you can list you are giving away a fully stocked ship. I like to giveaway my stocked ships before I log off. I hope we make that a bit easier.

And we try to keep things as seamless as possible. You can click on the chat bubble icon which opens a page on to message the user through the console for an invite (you'll need to sign in to

You can also connect your Twitch, YouTube and Twitter to show off your channels when you make a listing.

Anyway, our team hopes you check it out and find our Sea of Thieves LFG useful. We welcome your feedback!

And please spread the word! An LFG is only as good as the community that uses it!

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