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Finding Crews to Cooperate with is awful, actually cooperating is amazing. It’s the first part of the process that needs fixing.

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - Finding Crews to Cooperate with is awful, actually cooperating is amazing. It's the first part of the process that needs fixing.

TLDR: Co-op is fun, getting people together is not. Need more tools and more incentives to co-op for time limited events.

I know everyone won't agree with me here. Some people just don't want to coop at all and I get that. BUT, I think for the majority of us, the stressful part is finding people to work with but once we get grouped up we all have a great time. This is mainly tied to the fact that these are time limited events.

Sea of Thieves works best as a game with emergent gameplay, that’s currently how PvP works and why it is so much fun. The time limited nature of these co-op events is what really screws up this formula for co-op. It's cool to team up with other crews as you find them out in the world organically, but during a time limited event nobody can really do that because we are "on the clock" so to speak. I'm not suggesting that they remove time limited events, those are key to the strategy of keeping people engaged in your game and is crucial in a GaaS environment; however, if you are going to make a time limited co-op event you need to make it easier for players to get together. Here are the key points in my opinion.

  1. The speaking trumpet and flags aren’t enough. I like the concept. Much of the beauty of SoT is that everything is analog and manual. It really adds to the immersion and experience. But, we need better tools to group up for time limited events, things that work on a wide range or are server wide. Everyone sees a skull fort pop up! There are some analog tools that could be used: Flares, Tavern Bulletin Boards, Carrier Pidgeon (or parrots….or…CRABS!). We need ways to let people know we want to co-op for these specific events.
  2. Repeatability! I know rare has already addressed this feedback, but we’ve already seen with skeleton thrones that it hasn’t been implemented. Maybe there just wasn’t enough time to implement that feedback for the first event so for now I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. I get that doubloons need to be limited and they can’t be given out in spades. Why not give someone a bit of OOS rep for helping another crew unlock a large throne commendation? If Rare wants people to co-op there has to be real in-game incentive for repeating the events and helping other crews out. I had tons of fun cooperating with other crews for Meg. I did it three times. 2 out of the 3 times it was a stressful nightmare just trying to get groups together but each time it was a blast when we all got together and I got to meet new people and new personalities.
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