Sea of Thieves

Finding Cursed Cannonball in the world

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Finding Cursed Cannonball in the world

Imagine exploring a sunken shipwreck, you get to the bottom deck and among the floating bananas and planks you see a glowing orb, a cursed cannonball. Imagine boarding another ship unnoticed with your rowboat, getting all the cursed cannonballs they stored in the captain's quarters, carefully placed on the shelves, and then sail away lit like a christmas tree in the night. Imagine exploring an island, maybe you're inside a cave with your lantern as the only source of light, and then you see a cursed cannonball filling the room with a purple aura. Spooky. Imagine fighting another ship, you see it's the right moment to ruin their day and stop their helm from steering making them crash into a rock, do you open you inventory and browse your more-than-you'll-ever-need cursed cannonballs and grab one? No. You order your crewmate to go and grab one from below deck. Or maybe you were smart enough that you've already brought all you CCs near the cannons ready to be loaded, showing your enemies with green and purple light that you mean business. Imagine being at the outpost, proud of another day full of plunder, you sold your loot, even the leftover gunpowder barrels you didn't use. You still have all those cursed cannonballs you never used, like all those potions in that RPG. Do you tell your mates to stay on the shore while making them sleep, drunk and dancing, poisoning them and breaking their legs? What are you a psychopath? You sell them to the Order of Souls woman of course. And if you, like me, scuttle ship before logging off, don't worry, your cursed cannonballs will not be lost, they'll float to the surface glowing brightly so that you'll never forget to sell them.


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