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Finite amount of ambient skeletons per island

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There needs to be a finite amount of ambient skeletons that can pop up on an island during a voyage.

Trying to run any GH/OOS/Athena voyages at level 50 has become a tiresome chore due to infinitely spawning ambient skeletons. So much so that it's completely taking the fun out of voyages. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with the challenging waves at high levels, I'm not complaining about 5 waves of gold pistol skellies all out of reach cannon fire, because at least when you complete your war of attrition on them, there is a reward in OOS skulls. The problem is how frequently and infinitely the ambient skeletons spawn.

It would be one thing if they were all three-hit skellies and they just ganged up on you, but at legend level most ambient skeleton's are just as, if not more, difficult to kill than skull fort skeletons. Where I used to enjoy sprinting across the island for a riddle voyage now it just means activating ten to fifteen ambient skeletons chasing behind me, that all require nine sword hits to bring down, and can fully heal with a banana, oh an they can apparently run away fast enough to the point where you cannot catch up and hit them.

It's manageable, though annoying, to deal with these random skeletons on GH missions, but when it comes to level 50 OOS and Athena the ambient skeletons are out of hand, it takes all challenge out of it and just makes it an obnoxious grind that slowly whittles away every enjoyable aspect from doing voyages.


Here's what I'm suggesting: Put a cap on the total number of ambient skeleton's that can appear on an island during a voyage. Make it a timer though, so if you take too long with a riddle or map, you will have to start clearing them again. This would also avoid letting somebody clear an island just to AFK. They can keep them tiered as well, higher level voyages would bring out a higher total spawn number for skeletons, or spawn skeletons with more health. If two crews are doing a two different voyages on the same island then number of ambient spawns increases to meet both parties. Maybe a crew of 4 doing a legendary voyages would have "X" amount of possible ambient skeletons per 10/20/30 minutes and Solo Sloopers should have "Y" amount possible of skeletons per those times.

As it stands right now the ambient skeleton need some sort of fix. While it'd be nice to see something like the above, adding small drops when killing random skeleton's would go a long way towards making them less obnoxious too. Maybe drop a banana, plank, cannonball, < 10 gold (that you just collect instead of needing any outpost), or a shot of ammo randomly when killed.

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