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First night playing

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 3 1920x1080 1024x576 - First night playing

I figured I'd take my time and explore the outpost I spawned on to learn a bit about the different factions and game mechanics. So there I am, collecting bananas and whatnot when a pirate rolls on up and blasts the shit out of ship, sending it to Davy Jones before I can even board it.

I contemplated just starting over, but instead I remained hidden from the pirate and spied on him using my eyeglass. When the angle was right, I jumped in the water and snuck on his ladder, hanging there off the side of his ship as he circled the island in search of me.

Soon, he went to check his map table. So I scrambled up top and waited for him to reappear. When he did, I shot him, sending him flying off the back of the ship. In a frantic scramble and with my heart pounding I grabbed the wheel and stole his ship as revenge for sinking mine. I didn't see any obvious treasure horde hidden aboard.


I'm not sure how the game mechanics work here, but I think he probably sought out a mermaid, because he suddenly reappeared on his ship, surprising the daylights out of me. In the ensuing fight, we ran into some rocks, throwing me onto land and him into the water. His ship sank, ending our battle. The mermaids appeared and I watched as he disappeared… right before his two treasure chests floated to the surface.

I quickly grabbed them and brought them ashore, finally finding a rowboat and loading them into that. Through the dead of night and in terrible seas, I rowed towards the lights of a distant outpost, avoiding larger ships and worried that my rowboat would capsize each time it dipped beneath the surface of the 20-foot waves.

I stealthily approached the outpost and managed to sell the chests right before someone shot me in the back, sending me off to the Ferryman to respawn, finally, with my own ship – just considerably richer.

Consider me hooked. ARRRRRRRHH

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