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(First Post) But have a got to memory/story for SoT when convincing people to play…

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First time posting on Reddit (so please bare with the noob) but a friend suggested that I post this story about one of our favorite Sea of Thieves moments. There are a few moments i'd like to share but I thought i'd "test the waters" with this one. I hope everyone enjoys because our crew(s) sure did.


So this was back during the Forsaken Shores campaign had started and everyone was thrilled about the new brigantine ship and no one had yet figured out about the bucket trick against the ghost pirates. My crew on our new brig (one friend and one silent random) had figured out a working system and had geared up to go fight the deadly crews of "insert generic pirate captain here". Upon arriving though there was already another brig with a crew fighting and we decided to join forces. A third brig joined shortly after. That fight spawned the start of an adventure, friendship, of quite a naval war. We invited them to join us and everyone joined up in an alliance and Xbox live party to enjoy the rest of the evening. We thought this was the start of a fun adventure but this was the start of an armada.

Fleet Strength: 3 brig (9 members)

Our combined ships took our time leaving and decided to hit some forts for much needed supplies before continuing forth. After hitting several forts and b*thing about how a rowboat would make moving powder-kegs easier (ironic I know) we heard over the chat that a galleon was headed towards us from a little ways away. Now for some navel combat veterans out there i'm sure many know that positioning your ship(s) is key to winning and not allowing yourself to get bogged down in another ships "kill zone". To avoid this ourselves our friends left their brig next to the fort and had one member place himself in a fort tower just in case. I pulled our brig offshore keeping a large mountainlike cliff-thing to our port side and leaving only a narrow pass between our brig kill-zone.

And yet the galleon sailed towards us ever faster. The chat was a buzz with members wanted to kill on site and if they were welcoming another to the alliance. One member made a simple counter argument, they were not a brig… this was accepted by everyone else but I still was curious and so we held fire. The galleon sailed ever closer to our ship and came through our narrow straight. I think we were all expecting this… what we weren't expecting was their crew willingly lowering their anchor between our two ships and towers before ever speaking to us…

I hear people saying this should be called Sea of Sociopaths or a "toxic" game but i'd challenge anyone else who reads that set up and not get an itchy trigger finger. And YET everyone held fire! We were a committed team now. Xbox chat all holding for orders while I (playing on PC) was speaking in game chat. The crew was of four randoms. It seemed like it was two kids and two adults. The cry of "would you like to form an alliance" was heard only before I was shot at by a pistol. And yet we held fire. I ordered their crew to send over the pirate that had shot at me for "recompense" or they'd be sent to Dave Jones. One of the adults and child seemed to finally see the trap they had so shamefully sprung and an argument broke out upon their deck. Two crew mates began ordering, begging, yelling, and pleading for the pirate responsible to willingly board our ship and walk to his death for their own personal safety. After a lovely rendition of the Three Stooges the sole crew mate of the four swam over to our ship as requested. I asked for him to apologize. He refused. The crew is already waiting to unload and simply enjoying the show. I ask again. The random draws his sword. And then…

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Well… to be honest I don't truly remember what happened next. One of those who shot first situations. I mentioned that at the beginning of this adventure it was my friend, myself, and one silent random. One silent random who didn't own a mic. One random who didn't understand the plan. One random who very likely saved my a** because as soon as he drew his blade the sound of several shots went off. *pop* *pop* Sniper shot to the sword-wielding dead man. A head-shot over my shoulder. Then came the voice of their team crying "What happend?" "Did he die?" Our team chat yelling "Not friendly!" "Shot fired!" "Open fire!" I remember my computer lagging slightly as 6 cannons went off almost simultaneously as the galleon was ripped apart. The ship was likely dead within seconds. The cannons didn't silence until their ship was sunk beneath the waves. After those first salvos it's pretty likely any cannons shot after were wasted… yet that didn't stop everyone from blowing their entire load into making as many holes in that ship as pirately possible.

What's more I remember a lone crew mate of the galleon. They had themselves overboard off their own galleon as the first salvo ripped through their top deck… killing anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time. He jumped into the water yelling "I'm not with them! Don't kill me!" We allowed him on board the ship at gunpoint until the killing was over. Somehow one other crew mate survived and was allowed on board as well. Both renounced their other galleon crew and swore loyalty to the brigantine alliance. Even willing to attack their own ship should they engage us again. And they would do just that…

Having wasted our supplies on a great time we had to resupply again and wound up meeting with our third brig who had enjoyed the commentary over Xbox chat the entire time. We assigned our new "servants" to their ship and proceeded to end any pirate lacking skin or organs for the rest of the day. I guess the most amazing part is that our 3 ships stuck together and have tried to join up ever so often. But more amazing than that is the the crew of the Galleon that tried so hard to join us before continued to sail towards us and fight us for the rest of the day as well. Two very salty pirates who would not leave the server till having had revenge. Two salty pirates who actively had to deal with the mutiny on board their vessel. Two salty pirates who couldn't get enough votes to brig their crew mates. My hat goes off to the poor souls. They only became a slight threat once they found another galleon to join forces with. A veteran crew of good players but having a half-crewed galleon and a true galleon vs three experienced brigantine ships with NOW practiced team work having fought skeleton ships stood very little chance in a fight.

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I know this was a long post but I felt the need to share a story that has been told by myself and several xbox friends not for the records of the internet. This would be my first post and i'd welcome some feedback in storytelling. I hope you enjoyed the tale.

TL;DR 2 brig vs dumb galleon sink galleon, enslave crew start a fleet of 3 brig war with 2 galleon in a scene that would be be described as "it's just good business" from Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

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