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Fookin’ Dobbers

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Last night I was casually solo slooping the seas since my normal crew wasn’t playing. They’re all legends at this point, and I’m sick of being the odd man out so I figure some grinding could do me some good. I’m not as good as other solo people in this sub, but I can definitely hold my own.

First and second gold missions give me 3 captains and 3 marauders, not bad considering they were fairly close to each other. Last few nuggets were an exotic spices, seafarers and a villainous on a shipwreck.

Just as I get on deck with the villainous, My stomach drops as I see not one island to my south a brig sailing at me full-bore. Now I’m not in dire need of the coin nor am I so desperate for XP that I couldn’t risk losing this load, but I will NEVER give up my treasure without I fight. I fumble the anchor and spin to the east to catch the wind to escape. I end up doing a cat and mouse chase with them for the next 20 minutes with me trying to out turn them and get them to beach on shallow reefs near islands.


On the last island, I fu*k up and nail a sand bar giving me 2 holes up front to worry about but I still had enough momentum to continue sailing. The collision puts me at a full broadside position to the front of their ship, so I decide to switch in an anchor ball and fire instead of patching the holes. At this point, their ship is 2 ship lengths away. My first shot hits their ship direct. “Alright I’ve got some lee way now,” I say to myself as I load what I thought was a normal cannonball. Unfortunately, I loaded a second anchorball instead which then lifted their anchor before my first ball took effect. Their ship rams mine and I’m greeted with 3 screaming Scottish sounding scum laughing their asses off and shouting orders to one another.

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Inexplicably, ALL 3 decided to board my ship at the same moment with them all jumping off the front at the exact same time, and they ALL missed their mark and splashed into the water between our ships. As I continued to sail away, I heard their angry cries ending with a faint “FOOK YOU YA DOBBER” once I was out of range of their speech bubble. I sailed alongside their ship, shot it a couple more times for good measure, and watched as it slid into the sea.

Love this game, and thank you RARE for the epic chase and glorious ending!

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