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For those crying “Lagswitch” here are my findings.

718807.jpg 1024x576 - For those crying "Lagswitch" here are my findings.

This is gonna be a long-ish post. But its choked full of information some of you might find interesting or enlightening.

This game is pretty solid when it comes to its connection and how it all works. A lot of games have various ways they connect, like p2p (GTA 5) and dedicated multiplayer servers (The Division, R6S, CS:GO)

This game uses dedicated servers. However, in most dedicated servers, it is possible to lagswitch, because there is a lot of talk from the server, and not from the client.

Sea of Thieves is different, as it requires constant communication between servers and their clients, based on what I found.

Here are a few scenarios I tested. I throttled upload, download, then both. If I didn't get DCed in 15 seconds after throttling (happened A LOT, must be some kind of protection in place), these are the results of my experiments.

Scenario A: Typical Lagswitching. Move from point A to point B while lagswitching. Mimics Teleport.

  • Upon throttling and moving, my player appears still to other players, upon releasing the switch, my character reverts back to point A, sometimes it will appear I walked to point B.

  • No benefit to lagswitch, as the lagswitcher appears still, and will register damage normally, and will die upon release. At most they would 'trade' death with at least a single player. But it appears that might not even happen. See below.

Scenario B: Attempting to duplicate items with lagswitch.

  • Attempting to pick up any item while switching results in nothing happening. However, the instant the switch is released, and if they are still near the object in question, they will pick it up if they still press the button. No benefit here either.

  • It does not work all the time while doing Scenario A and then trying to pick up the item. As it usually results in a DC. Even if you use the switch for less than 5 seconds.

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All in all, it looks like your client reports nothing while you are switching, and therefore, nothing changes. So, all you probably do is sit like a rock while you 'cheat' and the instant you release the switch you go back to where you started, and all that while, people have probably killed you by then. IE you lag your way RIGHT into the ferry of the damned.

I haven't seen evidence ingame of a lagswitcher yet either. However, I have seen people rubberband a shitload because of 300+ ping. Unless they LOOK like they are practically teleporting significant distances, they probably aren't lagswitching.

TL;DR: SoT requires feedback from client for any action your character makes, so if you cut your internet, you will be where you last cut your internet, after you plug it back in.

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