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For those that dislike PvP, or anything involved with interplayer interaction

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Heya there,

Copy of my sot forum post as it was requested to post here as well.

After all the posts of people disliking PvP or something in that region, sorry i have seen too many different types of posts to count.

The things I want to state first is this: – This isn’t meant as a “git good” topic whatsoever – No matter what stance you have please stay respectfull to the other side of the coin, no profanities or the like please. – This topic might be long but please bear with me

Then another important point, i have a light form of dyslexia and english is not my first language so any spelling/grammar mistakes or missed letters somewhere can be attributed to that.

Now to the core idea behind this topic:

When i was but a scrub of a pirate, not worthy of sailing on my sloop i severely disliked PvP and anything involved with it, i hated the fact i lost that chest i could have earned some gold for…

Then it clicked in my head, i started seeing everything in a different light, my mindset was wrong and blocked me off from a significant amount of fun that can be had in this game.

I opened up to the fact that geinding out voyages is not the complete story in the game and in fact in my mind its not even the most important part of it, i tell you once you start looking at it like this you have way more fun.

Try to make an adventure, of course you can do that by doing voyages but make sure you have fun whilst doing so, if you do it like that your fun was allready had and cant be taken away from you whatever happens in the future and if everything goes your way that fun just gets a rep and gold kicker at the end.

By changing my mindset i wasnt afraid to lose loot anymore, i didnt like it (i was still a pirate that needed money for whatever there is to buy) but i didnt mind it as much.

This also made it so that i wasnt afraid anymore to take a challenge if someone came up to me cannons/guns blazing, of course i wanted to win, of course i wanted the loot BUT i made sure i was having fun beforehand and made sure i tried to learn from each loss i suffered.

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-sniper & pistol combo took me down, hmm how can i stand a better chance at that. – hmm someone blocks my sword constantly and consequently takes me out, how can i counter that. – how can i outsail that sloop/galleon/brigantine, how do i outmanouvre them


You get the idea, theres more but this post shouldnt just list all of that stuff, by getting involved in said challenges i got better and better at defending myself, my ship and my loot and not long thereafter i tried taking the fight to them, each time having a couple of chests aboard to have a risk to fighting, something like that made me more determined and was a payoff to the guys if they bested me (see it as payment for them training me)

Now i am a true PVPVE player, hoarding a lot of loot aboard my ship (especially if me and my crew gets together dont we @Nessiroj, @DarkMage613 and @mark147258 ?) I mean 100k is something we regularly risk to lose at any given point.

It is not like we run from challanges, we do forts, skellyships, pvp encounters anything the game can throw at us… now this isnt meant as ego stroking just showing a change in the mentality.

Now i am not saying everyone should drop pve for pvp, not at all, i am trying to ‘teach’ (sorry couldnt think of a better word) people that its not all about the gold, its not all about the rep, its not all about getting that pirate legend title in game.

The experiences you can have with random encounters as long as you just try and have fun at any point during the game if its collecting chests or sailing around make sure you take it all in, that experience can never be taken away from you by whatever object, be it cannonball or sword, is thrown at you.

And if you arent afraid of losing that chest, yet still determined to make sure you still have it aboard the next time you arrive at an outpost youstart getting better and better at pvp even if it will never be the main way you want to play the game, remember the best offense is a good defense.

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And for the people saying that one Cursed cannonball can end a ship battle, this is only somewhat true, you can watch some of @Nessiroj ‘s past sea of thieves streams (we speak dutch amongst eachother however) you can see we have taken the upperhand even though we got hit with anchor,rigging and weary balls.

Do ccb’s have to power to change the battle, yes of course they do but so does a boarding action, a regular cannonball towards the cannoniers or that one gomepowder barrel you keep in your crowsnest.

Everything comes down to tactics and communication, and especially for solo sloopers AWARENESS.

Make tactics, try them out the next occasion re asses the tactics and change them where needed and anybody, yes i say EVERYBODY can be a force to be reckoned with.

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