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Forts and Skeleton Ships – Save the Forts!

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Wanted to throw out there it is great Rare up the bounty on ships BUT.. and I have not logged in yet to confirm this.. but nothing was mentioned in the notes about is the issue of Forts being locked Skeleton ships.

It really sucks for us fort/pvp junkies. Forts are the only real place you can head to with a good chance of real PVP. People who head to forts know whats in store… many are looking for a fight and thats the place to find it with the winner taking the loot.

I can sail around all day beating up on unsuspecting boats doing quests.. but to be honest, its not as much fun. Otherwise they just run away.. a waste of time for everyone. I don't like fu*king up someones day/hard work who does not want it. It makes me feel like a bully.

I get that sailing up on randoms and fighting will always be part of the game, but my point is going to a fort is liking hanging out in the UFC octagon, if you are there, you are there knowing full well whats gonna happen and the chances of meeting skilled opponents looking for the same are much higher.


I'd like to think that most of us Vets / Pirate Legends don't have much interest in the quests anymore, even with the newer updates. Not much to gain. The forts offer dynamic player interactions which keeps things fresh and challenging.

I am hoping for an update soon where we see some changes to how skeleton ships and forts can be up in the sky at the same time.

Or have the skeleton ship clouds despawn after a relatively short amount of time if no one has done them and a fort then pops.

Or my personal favorite of making skeleton ships (reduce the amount) spawn similar to the Kraken as a random threat that could either be fought on the spot or run if you are not interested or ready for it. I can imagine the fun and hilarity of the "Caaaptain looook!!!" scenarios happening with this.

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