Sea of Thieves

Found a hilarious new rowboat glitch!!

Sea of Thieves 6 - Found a hilarious new rowboat glitch!!

So to my knowledge, this glitch is currently not documented on the internet. I did a little bit of digging and couldn't find anything. So I'm hoping you guys find this a bit funny. I have a clip of it, but unfortunately, it is not a clip of my discovery of this glitch. It is a recreation to prove that it can be easily replicated. I originally discovered this glitch with 5 other friends all in an alliance while I was streaming, and we were just messing around. My friend and I recreated this during my stream today. If you want to watch this masterpiece before I explain it, the link to the clip can be found here. So without further ado; the Rowboat Rocketship glitch!


This glitch is really simple to recreate. I'm not sure how it works, but the basic idea is that you spam the dock and undock rowboat commands to send the rowboat flying into outer space. You can do it with just 2 people to my knowledge, but it is way easier with multiple people, besides, it's fun to share the love :). This glitch can only be performed on a brigantine, as the overhang on both the sloop and galleon will damage the rowboat and eventually break it before liftoff. You need to have at least one person in the rowboat and one person on the poop of the brigantine. There is a sweet spot for both players where they can dock and undock as quickly as possible without moving or looking around. The goal is to hit this sweet spot and get a rhythm going of dock and undock. Eventually, your frames will begin to drop, until (in our experience) you land in the low teens. This is when the boat will start to fly into the air from time to time, be sure to keep docking and undocking even if it begins to fly off, otherwise your rowboat could land on the deck or get damaged. If it reaches maximum velocity, you won't have a chance to re-dock it anyways. Once the boat flies into the air, it will likely come back down, and bounce on the water, sending it flying so high you can see past the water's render distance, and the sunsets are magnificent! If you want to hang on to the rowboat while it's flying, I believe you have to be in the passenger seat of the rowboat, as the oars will sometimes fling you off. This sent one of my friends skipping all the way from the shores of plenty to the devil's roar. It can be actually quite hilarious either way.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed my discovery and tutorial on this awesome glitch! If you want to catch me streaming, I do have a schedule I try to follow, and I'm often up to Sea of Thieves shenanigans! You can find the link to my twitch channel here, and I can't wait to see what you guys think!

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