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Frustrated with offical forums.

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I find reading the official forums incredibly frustrating

I’m 44. Been playing games since well games existed.

I’ve played in toxic environments. I’ve been part of toxic communities. But these players constantly asking for pve servers are really frustrating me

I guess part of what I find so frustrating g about it is that what they’re really asking for in my view is a puzzle mobile phone app game.

In a game where everyone is equal and the only rewards are cosmetic why is it so hard for people to see that if you remove the battle element there really isn’t much gameplay at all

That without the feeling of risk there’s very little excitement to be had.

I can’t see longevity in a puzzle dig mobile app. That’s what this would be

I hear cries of campers at forts. Yet in many hours of playing haven’t seen it once. Sure it may happen but the vocal minority scream it’s rampant.

Why the hell would anyone sit around and NOT play the game.

The loot is easily obtainable in quests.

The only exciting part to loot is risk.

Otherwise really what is there?

Right now we have half a game I’m sure many would agree. To have the combat removed would leave us 20 percent of a game in my view

I lose loot to players. I’ve lost forts to others swooping in. But what is a skull fort without risk and danger. We all know how easy they are to do without competition

There’s parts of combat that do need adjustment and change.m for sure.

But those people out there asking for pve really need to think a moment at what we have now and without combat what are you thinking the game lifespan will be for you?

As far as I can see it’s going to be short and become incredibly tiresome quickly.

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Had to get this off my chest. We have a beautiful environment and a unique concept. It needs more meat on the bones not less


One of the largest problems in SOT is the fact so many people refuse to communicate. Won’t plug a bloody mic in.

I’ve had about an 80 percent success rate with parlay. Managed to team up on forts and even just hang out with other crews. Yet I keep hearing it’s impossible.

It’s fsr from it. But it’s doctsted by communication and so often you can’t even get your own random team to communicate!

We can blame that more than mechanics for so much.

People just don’t want to use mics. In a social open world with combat that’s stupid.

So I guess that’s what I wanted to say. I cannot for the life of me be bothered with the official forums as I find this reddit so much more realistic on the viewpoint of gameplay.

The community on The official forums have disgusted me with the approach of no logic arguments for pve. They seem to want some puzzle mobile phone game to me.

Sot as limited as it is right now does allow us to create our own path. It’s ours to choose. The world has all the right mechanics. Remove combat and you remove all the interesting parts. And that’s the risk.

When there’s no progression all we have is each other. Pretty skins mean nothing.

So next time you rush to post for pve think what you are asking for

At level 40 for my factions I already grow tired of the repetition. What makes this game is the tension of never knowing when a ship will come to challenge.

Yes they need to work on combat aspects. Things like the explosives are pushing combat in ways that leave ship combat as an afterthought.

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But wanting no conflict you might as well uninstall. For what you ask for is lifeless and without soul

After playing games for so long that is what I see

Thanks for reading.

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