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FS: “Hard” vs “Area Denial/Annoying”

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New area is pretty damn cool. Good aesthetic, good mechanics, soon to be new cargo stuff.

I'm seeing some weird back and forth, people complain about the volcanoes being too active, people fight back "it's a hard zone get good." There's a very substantial difference between something being hard, and something being overused to simulate "hard."

Devil's Roar is not hard. If anything you could argue the geysers make OoS voyages harder, but the volcanoes are not hard. The volcanoes are annoying. They are pure area denial.

Don't take that wrong – it's an awesome mechanic, but it's defeating its own purpose. The volcanoes are meant to create a sense of urgency based on "if this blows up while we're here, we're sinking" and that is GREAT. The current state of volcanoes don't do that. The current state doesn't provide a tense urgency, it's not a cool dramatic effect, it's a guaranteed, 100% of the time, "God damnit here we go again get the ship away/get in the rowboat/pray to god it doesn't one shot us."


It's not hard. It's annoying. It's time inflation. All it needs is a slight time nerf between eruptions. Is it not more exciting to think "what IF it erupts" instead of "it's GOING to erupt no matter what in 1-4 minutes?" Strategizing based on what islands you saw erupt recently instead of not caring because no matter what you do it's going to erupt when you're there?

Would people not rather genuine difficulty as opposed to an artificial one based purely on a one shot short time limit mechanic?

Good shit devs, the game still has quite a road ahead of it but you're doing good work.

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