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While my crew was playing Hungering Deep last night, we spent a lot of the empty time talking about future content updates we wanted:

Red Coats: This update would actually be pretty big so it would probably be released in stages. First off, it adds 2-3 new islands, called Ports. Essentially, these are really big outposts with an NPC city complete with a big bar, houses, a bank to rob, and a British Fort. You could raid this fort to steal the treasures inside. Also, if that wasn't enough, it could add in British AI fleets, carrying loads of gold to plunder. However, not only does this ship have escorts, it is a Man of War. That means it is even bigger and more powerful than the galleon.

Bigger and better ships: This would add in the Man of War, a 6 player ship with 12 cannons, complete with a giant creepy organ for music. In addition, you could now name your ships


Ghosts of the Sea: This update is pretty straight forward, and basically what I expect Cursed Sails to be. In this, an AI ghost ship is added, and rises out of the water and shoots undead soldier and cursed cannonballs at you. Basically Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

More monsters: This update will add loads of new and weird AI threats, such as a giant eel that can crush your ship, a living island, and other stuff like that.

Pets: What everyone really wants. Parrots, turtles, you name it.

These are just some weird stuff we came up with, what do you all think?

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