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Galleon Party at Smugglers Bay

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Tonight was truly wild. Two friends and I had planned on sailing our gallen "The Aquilo" all about and wrecking some mermaid statues. While still at port we were met with another galleon dropping off some pigs. We struck up a conversation and made fast friends. There was a skull fort active, so we decided to put our might together and end it quickly. They boarded our ship and we set off.

Right as the fort appeared in the horizon the skull winked out. We noticed a sloop and a galleon headed away and the chase was on. When we finally caught up to them they had both anchored near an island. The sloop quickly took off as we fired parting vollies. By the time we'd turned our ship around, the galleon departed as well. As we approached to broadside, a voice rang out to let us know he was alone on the galleon and had scuttled. His crew was on the sloop.

Unable to catch the sloop, we headed for the fort anyway in case they returned. In just moments a galleon appeared and we fought on sea and land. They managed to kill our sister crew, who had to respawn on their own ship. While the fight raged on land the banter made it clear that this crew was the reborn ship of the previous engagement. With nothing to gain on either side we put aside our difference and talked a bit.


When our sister crew returned. We had no line of communication with them so they opened fire on the other galleon crew while we frantically tried to reach them to talk them down.

Once we were all onside we sailed our three galleons to Smugglers Bay and took group photos, had a friendly competition to see who could fire themselves from the shore cannon onto the crow's nest of their ship first. We all piled the resources from two ships onto the third and sailed together for a while looking for any other ships.

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We never found any and never did anything productive in the game from there. We had fun. We were brothers and sisters for just one night. This game can be completely pointless and silly and in those moments, the most fun I've had online in forever. Thank you all. Keep having fun. Remember, we play this game for a good time. May you find that fun, in whatever form you desire.

TLDR: One galleon met another, they then met a third and had stupid nonsensical fun for hours. It was dumb and it was pure and it was fun.

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