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General things I’ve learned playing Forsaken Shores

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I've Absolutely loved playing around with the new update, and am generally very happy with the new high risk, high reward gameplay, and wanted to compile a list of things I wish I knew going into the update if people haven't gotten to play it yet, or have no idea what to do when sailing in the Devils Roar.

  1. All ashen chests and skulls are worth double gold and rep!
  2. Ashen items from Forsaken shores are in the main three zones as well, being in skull forts and shipwrecks.
  3. Play a Galleon if you can! the extra deck on a galleon is really useful for absorbing blows from volcanoes and can greatly reduce the use of planks.
  4. try to develop a rhythm when rowing the rowboat. The rowboat moves way faster if you wait a second or two between rows, so take your time and don't spam.
  5. If running solo, focus on missions on smaller islands to reduce the risk of eruptions decimating your ship.
  6. Always check the chest on rowboats at outposts. Sometimes, pirates will leave a bunch of supplies and/or cursed cannonballs in the back of rowboats to pirates who spawn on said outpost.
  7. Park one square away from volcanoes if sailing on a Brig or Sloop. With only one deck, a falling rock from a volcano can sink a ship in seconds if too close, so spacing your ship one square away and rowing to said island with a rowboat will decrease the chance of an accidental watery grave for your ship.
  8. Athena voyages are generally more profitable (at the moment) and do not include merchant missions while also doubling the payout and rep for chests sold (including the chest of legends).
  9. always shoot over to sea posts when passing to find a slightly better deal for an item you may be wanting.
  10. Use geysers during Order of Souls missions. skeletons will usually die in one hit when over an erupting geyser, cutting the time it takes to complete the mission in half.
  11. Scour islands in Devils Roar, as you might just find extremely rare box everyone is looking for. 🙂
  12. Always have someone on the ship to repair if you can! It always sucks when a rouge rock punches a hole in your ship without anyone knowing.
  13. The outpost CAN and WILL erupt.
  14. Communication is extremely important here, so go with friends or join the official discord to find people who want to do what you want to do.
  15. All quests bought in Devils Roar are all "level 50" quests, so its all the same general "difficulty" no matter who buys it.

And that's pretty much it! If my crew and I learn anything cool I'll add it to the list! I hope I could help out some new sailors joining the game! Have fun in Devils Roar! 😀

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