Sea of Thieves

Giveaway: Limited Edition XBOX One Sea of Thieves controller

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - Giveaway: Limited Edition XBOX One Sea of Thieves controller

You're not only part of the community, you ARE the community. Thrive to be the best you can and your actions could shape this wonderful place!

Rules (These are required)

  • Tell me your best Pirate-related joke/pun, this wont affect your chances of winning, but would be fun to read through them!

  • Upvote this post so we can reach more people!

  • New accounts will be skipped, i will check your account if you get picked so we're sure the controller goes to someone legit!

  • Winner will be picked when this thread is 24H old.

Please do this (Not required)

Venture out into the community and be the best you can! Sort by new, upvote posts, leave nice comments, it takes a minute or two out of your life and you could make someones day or even week. Lets make this community the best for the next 24 hours (or forever?)

If you already have the controller, please let someone else get the chance!


Who are you?

You can call me Weelie! I'm 25 years old, i have a wife and a daughter or 3 years old, I live in Norway. I remember seeing Sea of Thieves a few years ago and never thought of it since, untill a few months ago when the release date got closer! When i started Primary School about 18-20 years ago, i had no friend, i was constantly bullied, told i was worthless and that i would never achieve anything in life, by both students and teachers. I lived in constant fear and anxiety for the world around me and i ended in my room alone with my computer. Until about half a year ago i started my treatment, things got better and my future looked bright! Then came the weekend and everything collapsed and things went to shit, so i decided to do something nice for others to make myself feel better!

Read:  When the Cursed Sails ends, I think Skeleton ships would be better off as they are, similar too forts, than be a random encounter.

Why are you doing this?


No but seriously, I made two posts yesterday, and the more i read the more i realized how dry the market was for the Controllers, so i figured I'd grab one here and give Reddit a chance to win! I asked and expected a few replies and thought "If i get 50 people interested, why not?" So here we are! I love this game and the community we have, so i hope my act today will inspire other to either go out of their way to make someones day, or just act like a better person towards the Sea of Thieves community, either way it's a win/win for me!

Can everyone enter?

Everyone can enter, shipping world-wide!

Can i increase my chances of winning?


How can i enter?

Upvote and leave a comment (Pirate related joke/pun appreciated!)

Is it controller only?

The package is sealed, so there should be a Controller and Cosmetic code inside!

How will you pick a winner?

I will add "?sort=random" at the end of the adress, this will sort comments randomly. I will refresh 5 times (To make sure it works), the top comment after 5 refreshes wins. I will answer their comment, informing them they have won. I will also contact said person with a DM.

tl;dr: Comment and upvote, i will pick someone at random using "?sort=random"

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